Bring nature into your home using our wallpaper and prints

Nature has always been a beautiful subject for murals and wallpaper designs. With the collection of Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden, a beautiful, unique and contemporary wallpaper collection has been developed: naturalis unlimited.

Art prints

Antique prints of the illustrations for example Pierre-Joseph Redouté, Maria Sibylla Merian or Ernst Haeckel are rare and usually expensive. That is why we offer an extensive selection of the most beautiful natural history illustrations as high-quality ‘art print’ in standard formats.

Originele Wanddoeken | Unlimited Originals

Wall Cloths

Wall cloths (as we call them) offer several advantages. Easy to hang, great for acoustics and a wall-to-wall decoration item with a natural feel.

Behang van Unlimited Originls


We have a beautiful and extensive wallpaper collection. Choose from dozens of images and designs with birds, fish, butterflies, plants and insects.

Sierkussens van Unlimited Originals

Decorative pillows

Something quite different: pillows with natural history prints. Choose a pillow based on the cyanotypes by Anna Atkins or one of the pillows with natural-historical engravings.

Naturalis | by Unlimited Originals

Naturalis, the source for beautiful wallpaper

Stuffed birds, pinned butterflies, fish in formaldehyde and beautiful prints. Naturalis collects, preserves and studies animals, plants and stones. On a daily bases our researchers use 37 million objects from the collection to do research on nature and biodiversity. A  world-renowned collection , out of which we selected some special pieces for the design of our wallpapers.

Unlimited Originals: an authentic story

Unlimited Originals designs with heart and soul. Whether it is wallpaper or any other product.

Everything we develop is with an original story. As with our partner Naturalis.

Hanging our wallpaper is easy

Our wallpapers are easy to put up on almost every wall without using a table. Cover your wall with glue and then add – aligned, not overlapping – the wallpaper. The wallpaper does not shrink and is also easy to remove again.

Vliesbehang van Unlimited Originals

Exclusive high quality fleece wallpaper

Naturalis unlimited wallpaper is digitally printed on high quality sturdy fleece wallpaper. The wallpapers are not only very strong but also won’t shrink due to added synthetic fibers.

The colour last a lifetime; print quality surpassing traditional printed wallpaper. And … naturally our wallpaper is environmentally friendly produced.